Investment in Families & Values

to make humanity poverty free


Our policy is to empower people
financially and spiritually.


Our main asset are the people involved with
our companies and the values they bring in.


We thrive on our cultural tradition and
the impact it makes on our business practice.

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People oriented approach

The goal of Difesa is to create opportunities for the communities we operate in and welfare of local population. Our profit are comprised of love and emotions of it's customers.


Microfinance pulls people out of poverty who are at the lowest end of the economy. It empowers them to take part in greater economic process of the which they would otherwise not be able to do.


Education plays a central part in our business. We are on a mission to bring education in the communities we work with and eradicate poverty by giving the theme the opportunities they deserve.


Our water project provides access to clean water to the local communities which helps prevent waterborn diseases and make it very affordable for them.